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Themify: A Diverse and Flexible place to buy Themes

Are you confused while deciding on your WordPress site theme? Well, it is evident to face this situation. There are ample themes but settling for an average one is not the solution. However, the theme of the WordPress website decides its success and failure. But there is nothing to worry now because Themify is the best way one can get excellent themes for their website.

Themify is the most trusted and renowned theme sellers across the globe. They have a great range of exquisite themes and influential plugins. All these plugins/themes can either be bought separately or through its master or lifetime club with access to its all products.

There are various reasons to get hands-on themify immediately and some of them are professional site build-up, free themes, and plugins, great price range, various theme features, etc. Therefore, one cannot miss the chance of having themify for their website.

Valuable Features of Themify Themes

Every theme offered by themify has effective features and functionalities. However, it also offers a package of collective features as a core of themify, better known as Themify Framework.

  • There is a feature called demo import of themify features. The special thing about this feature is that if a person likes the qualities of a particular demo then the website can be created alike to that very demo within a few seconds.
  • All the themes of Themify support customizations. This feature can help the person to style, change colors, fonts as well as icons of the website in a few minutes. The customizations are done by the styling panel.
  • The themes by themify are highly known for built-in shortcodes. This is beneficial in adding content to the website. Another bonus is that these shortcodes are obtainable as free plugin meaning to which these can be used on non-themify WordPress websites.
  • Highly compatible with WooCommerce, WPML as well as WordPress core

All these features by Themify themes build a strong foundation for a WordPress website.

Effective themes offered by Themify

There are around 42 themes in total offered by Themify. They have distinctive styles, great looks, and superb specifications. Here are some of the most opted themes by themify listed below:

  • Ultra – this is a great theme with multipurpose use. It can be used to build a website of any niche. Ultra has great customization options starting from layouts to colors and fonts. The individual price of this theme is $59.
  • Shoppe – if you are looking to build an e-commerce website then this theme is the one. It has various in-built features for e-commerce sites like wish lists, quick view, image zoom, shopping cart, etc. Shoppe has customization options as well.
  • Parallax – this theme is known as a one-page theme. It is an excellent choice for corporate sites, applications, and portfolios. One can buy this theme at $59.

Impressive Benefits of Themify Themes

Themify offers great benefits for the website owners. These can be useful and helpful in many ways to build a great website. However, some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • The users or buyers have 42 options while buying themes. All the themes are highly responsive and have effective individual features.
  • There are around 12 plugins in total with a highly known post-type builder plugin.
  • Users can have access to twenty-five builder add-ons like contact, mosaic, etc.
  • Also, there is a benefit of 5 post-type builder add-ons for buyers.
  • The themes can be bought separately at $59 each or there are beneficial master and lifetime clubs with access to everything on Themify.


Themify is definitely a diverse and flexible place to buy themes for WordPress websites. It is highly affordable and worth every penny.

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