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Thrive Themes: Are you still confused about your WordPress theme or plugin? Well, you are in the right place then. It is very common to see people getting puzzled while deciding on themes or plugins for WordPress. This is so because of certain factors like performance as well as usability. However, both these factors completely depend upon themes or plugins.

Thrive Themes

This is the best way one can get both these factors for their WordPress website. It is one of the leading theme creators in the market. There are many themes from Thrive Themes like pressive, squared, etc. which are known for their better conversion. On the same hand, their plugins from Thrive Themes which are equally famous.

Thrive Themes have all the necessary tools which could help accomplish the maximum conversion rates on any website.

Impressive Plugins from Thrive Themes

There are around seven plugins in total from Thrive Themes. These plugins help a website to customize, generate leads, keeps the audience engaged, and better optimization of content. Here are some of them mentioned below:

  • Thrive Content Builder – it has the WYSIWYG editor interface of WordPress. The plugin is known to create landing pages with complete width. Also, it is beneficial in creating unique designs from beginning and loading it up with prebuilt market focusing page layouts.
  • Thrive Leads – it is a great lead generation tool. It is beneficial in multiplying the conversion rates of a website. It also helps in increasing the email list and letting the visitors take control of various actions.
  • Thrive Headline Optimizer – this plugin helps in finding out effective and eye-catching titles for the website content. One can also add various titles for one article.

There are various other plugins from Thrive Themes such as quiz builder, clever widgets, ultimatum, and ovation. All these plugins can be either purchased separately or can be gained through its membership program.

Remarkable Themes From Thrive Themes

The overall motive of Thrive Themes is to maximize the conversion rate of any website. The themes bring features like:

  • Customization in options and settings of a website
  • A mobile approachable design along with easy click to a call button
  • Automatic compression of an image. Along with this, lightweight coding to increase speed.
  • Creation of conversion elements like optins, action calling which easily inserts in the website content.
  • It offers webinar recordings as well as tutorials for business growth.

Here are some of the famous and remarkable themes from Thrive Themes:

  • Rise – this is the best theme option if one is looking to monetize the blog or website with links and promotion of products.
  • Squared – this is a very impressive business theme to build a high-conversion website. It is known for its lead generation, page templates, and sales which are beneficial for promotions.
  • Pressive – this theme was made to create marketing websites, conversion blogs, sales pages, etc. The theme has tools which are beneficial for website traffic.

Purchasing Options

Thrive Themes offers flexibility while buying its tools. Customers have access to all products on the purchase. There are several options to choose from while purchasing their themes or plugins. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Buying individual themes at the price of $49 and plugins of $39.
  • Membership for Thrive customers: $19 per month which is paid annually and $30 per month and is paid quarterly.
  • Membership for Thrive Agencies: $49 per month which is paid annually and $69 per month which is paid quarterly.

Final Verdict

The customers who are seeking tools to create highly optimized websites then Thrive Themes is the best choice. Its membership program allows access to every product which is a complete bonus.

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