Why Elegant Themes Divi Is So Famous

What are elegant themes divi?

Divi by elegant themes is quite a popular theme. This exceptional theme works in many ways and is undoubtedly a versatile theme. It is for any purpose and works really well with graphics and a powerful page builder. 

Divi by elegant themes is super easy to use even by a non-developer. It means that people who have no special knowledge of website development can opt for website creation with this exclusive theme. With least effort involved, it is highly useful to website developers as well. 

Divi as a multifaceted theme has the power to draw attention towards the creative intent of an online entrepreneur without getting into the hassle of coding.

elegant themes divi
How to create landing page elegant themes divi?

It is important to draw your audience’s attention to fulfill the purpose of your site. And an effective landing page can help you draw your reader’s attention. Take a look at the important features to make a landing page effective. 


The headline is one of the primary things that catches visitor’s attention. It should contain two elements:
1. Page Headline
2. Subheading


It is always important to have good headlines. Headlines have the power to grab people’s attention. Therefore, headlines should be clear, precise and draw your reader’s attention. If you have boring headlines, you are ruining your landing page. 

Image or Video

Images or videos of the product that you want to sell on the e-commerce platform need to be really appealing. You should use great lighting along with professional photography standards. 

Offer and Benefits

The buyer is only interested in the benefits offered by the product and what offers do you provide as a seller. Thus, the landing page must include correct, accurate and detailed benefits of using the product. These benefits should not look fake and fancy. Real benefits excite the consumer and can help in retaining customers. 

Call to Action

This is the main feature of this page. The call to action is needed to connect to your visitors or interested consumers. Some of the call to action buttons have these action phrases like buy, download, join, click, and then add terms such as free. 

Social Proof and Trust

The customer must know the authenticity of the brand. This includes ratings, reviews, interviews, guarantees, and any other material to build trust. Such statements must be both good and bad. The reviews must also be genuine and feel genuine. Include the reviews and testimonials that are honest and do not make false claims.

Navigation Structure

The appearance of the landing page must be such that the visitors can easily opt for a call to action button. It should be easy to follow with simple links. Multiple link clicks can also cause hassle to an interested customer and can lead to his exit from the landing page. Thus, it is important to have a complete navigation structure.

Given below is the process of creating a landing page with elegant themes-

Download the Divi theme Landing Page Layout.

Click the following link to download the Divi Landing Page Layout Kit.

Get the theme to your WordPress dashboard and you can get ahead. Get into the Divi Library by  clicking on “Divi”. This is the place to import the files. Click on the “Import & export” option located at the top of the screen. 

With this  the “Portability” window comes up. Click on “Import.” Select “Choose File,” and here comes the Divi “Landing Page Kit.”

Thisi “Landing Page Kit” comes in a zip file and here’s you can find the file that you require “LandingPageKit.JSON.”

Now click here on “Import Divi Builder Layouts.” 

You can see the “Layouts” page here, and you can see that it has imported all these different elements for the page.

This is the time when the JSON files are ready to go. Check out the “Pages” option and click on the “Add New” page. 

This is where we’ll start working on  the layout for this landing page. 

Click on “Use The Divi Builder.”
After this click on “Load from library.”
Then click on “Add From Library”. Here comes the “Landing Page Kit”. Click on “Load”. As soon as you click on load all the modules in the layout page gets loaded. 

Disable the ones that you don’t want. And choose the layout you want.

Click on the “Use Visual Builder,” to give you a preview of everything that has been laid out. Choose the header and the content that you want and the landing page is ready to go. 

How to set your own logo images in divi by elegant themes?


In the Divi Theme Header, the company logo is placed at the top of every page. It is really easy to define your own logo image from within the Divi Theme Options page in your WordPress Dashboard.

In order to see the Divi theme options,  

click the Divi > Theme Options link in your WordPress Dashboard.

Locate the “Logo” field under the General > General tab within the Theme Options. 

Now in the field, input the full URL to your logo image. Upload your logo image by clicking on the “Upload Image” button given just below it. Complete the installation process by copying and pasting the URL to the file into the field & clicking on “Save” to save the settings.


Use the ogo.psd file  as a starting point in case you don’t already have a logo image. You can even edit the logo’s text by using Photoshop’s type tool only if you have Photoshop. 

You can use the included logo_blank.png file as a blank canvas in a different graphic design program in case you don’t have Photoshop. These files (logo.psd and logo_blank.png) can be found within the Theme Package inside the /psd/ folder.


How to add images in elegant themes advertisement widget?

It is to be noted that Divi doesn’t come with an image uploader widget. Still one can use the Elegant Themes Advertisement Widget to add images to your sidebar. There is also an option to add images using the standard WordPress text widget & can write the HTML to create an image link. Elegant Themes Advertisement Widget makes adding images easy. 

With this widget you need to pre-upload the image you want to add and copy the url from the media library, without needing to know how to write the HTML code. Here you can

add as many images as you want, under just one heading. You can even add additional titles and alt tags in elegant themes advertisement widget.


How to remove designs with elegant themes powered by wordpress?


The bottom footer credit text is designed by elegant themes powered by wordpress. This is what you actually notice when you install a new Divi website. Very few people like such text on their website and usually want to remove this text from the site. Here is a simple way to remove designs with elegant themes powered by wordpress. 

Go to Divi > Theme Customizer > Footer > Bottom Bar

You can remove the footer credits by 

  1. Checking the box disable footer credits
  2. or you can place something in edit footer credits 

to replace the standard Divi credit text.



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