Why to choose hostgator templates for a quick niche website?

There are so many different options when it comes to website building. Everyone has a preference for some website niche and the choice needs a special website builder. In case you don’t know which website builder to use, we suggest you to use HostGator website builder.

This beginner guide will help you make your website easily & get it online as fast as possible. Here are the reasons why you should choose hostgator templates for a quick niche website.

Given below are the core features of the website builder and build your own website as per your niche.

What is the HostGator Website Builder?

The HostGator website builder is a feature-packed website builder that is great for beginners who want to put up their first sites online.

There is a wide variety of themes in the theme collection. You can find  over 200 different mobile-friendly themes to choose from. Here are some of the overall features you can use to build a site with this tool.

  • Pre-built pages and sections for easy website designs.
  • Simple use drag and drop functionality with no additional development skills required.
  • Improved SEO optimization with the built-in SEO optimization tool so as to improve the chances of your site ranking.
  • Social media buttons to encourage your visitors to share your content.
  • You can customize things as per your choice on the website. It is easy to make changes like the color scheme, font choice, images, etc.
  • Easy selling methods for products & services with PayPal integration.

Top HostGator Website Builder Themes

HostGator Website Builder

It is fascinating to know that there are over 100 different builder themes for website building. Here we have picked up the top hostgator website themes that are widely used by various sectors.

Read about these themes and choose the one that suits your interest.

Builder Themes for Real Estate Websites

Luxury Apartments

This theme is ideal for those who are into running apartment complexes. If you are looking for a way to show off the features & highlights of the buildings, this is the theme to opt for. With all the beautiful background & attractive images, grabbing your visitors attention is quite simple. You can lay down the primary benefits of your website with the simple customizable sections.

Personal Realtor

When thinking to put your real estate business out there, this is an ideal theme. Check out this theme and opt for it for your website. You can lay down a brief intro about you and also the details about your work. This attracts visitors and they get to know the details of the properties that you wish to sell.

Builder Themes for Restaurant Websites

Classy Restaurant

This theme for your website can help your restaurant get the necessary information you need. With this theme, you can display your menu, features of your restaurant and even get the online booking done. All the highlights  of your restaurant can be represented perfectly with this theme.

Coffee Shop

If you are looking for a modern coffee or themed coffee shop, this is apt. With the eye-catching homepage image you can easily highlight  the features that make your business unique. The page’s single-page scrolling feature makes highlighting your menu easy. It expresses your story, and even puts out your location.

Builder Themes For Business Websites

Elegant Storefront

People who are in retail business, can opt for this theme. This elegant theme helps you expand your retail spaces into the online space. Also you can highlight your current inventory and make your store different. There is even an e-commerce functionality which can quickly help you begin selling your own products.

Online Business

Whatever is your business, this is an era for online businesses. And so you do require a cool website. Even if you have a creative agency or online business of any kind, this unique theme can represent your ideas and work better. Lead by displaying your portfolio, your services, and your USP easily.

Builder Themes for Photographer Websites

Professional Photographer

For all the professional photographers, this is the perfect theme to showcase your work. This theme lets you put online your portfolio and makes your work easy to access. The theme is super tidy and simple, and lets the visitors see  your beautiful photos.

Artistic Side

For creative photographers who want to put online their artwork or paintings, this theme is super enticing. By using this theme you can even run an art gallery or exhibit & also lets you showcase your personal work as well.

For Creative Portfolios


If you’re a creative who works across multiple different mediums and formats, then utilize this theme to highlight your best work. It’s clean and simple, so there won’t be any distractions from your unique set of projects. The home page image is the perfect place to highlight what makes you unique, while the portfolio page will let you feature the diverse set of products you’ve completed.


Looking for a suitable online way to showcase and sell your art? Try out this attractive theme & witness the effects. This simple theme highlights your art work and makes it stand out. It is really easy to let people know about your work with this theme.

Some More Options for Website Builder Themes

hostgator templates

For all those whose fields of work are left out in the above mentioned categories, there is still a vast variety of themes to choose from such as-

  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Business Consultant
  • Design
  • Simple Blogs
  • Technology Industries
  • Hotels and Travel
  • Lifestyle Sites
  • Pets and Animals
  • Music and Nightlife
  • Simple One-Page Sites
  • Weddings
  • Construction and Other Trades
  • Simple Online Stores
  • Sports-Related Sites
    Hostgator is great for building websites as per your own choice in your own niche. So, now you know why choosing hostgator templates for having a niche website is good!

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