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RealHomes is a handcrafted WordPress theme for real estate businesses. It is regularly updated and well-maintained. It offers purpose oriented design with tons of useful features that a real estate business can benefit from.

Real Estate Search Form Over Image

Search form over image feature can be enabled for home template’s meta boxes. It replaces the slider area with a graceful-looking search form over a background image. Real Homes also provides related customizer settings to fully customize the image, search form fields, text titles, colors, and margins.

Features of RealHomes

RealHomes includes OpenStreetMap and Google Maps integration that enables you to display maps with property markers. By default, OpenStreetMaps are used and Google Maps are only used if a related API key is provided in settings.

RealHomes provides a compare properties feature that allows your website visitors to add properties to a compare pool and later on compare those properties side by side. Visitors do not need to login to use this feature.

RealHomes theme includes various page templates to display properties in list layout, grid layout, and half map layout. These templates are also supported with meta boxes to filter and sort properties based on custom criteria. So basically you can create any type of custom page that displays properties based on your custom filters and sorting.

RealHomes theme includes templates to display properties in a gallery layout with a quick filter based on property status. RealHomes theme and included plugins provide an extensive set of settings to help you customize all the important things related to your website without going into code.

Easy Real Estate plugin included with RealHomes theme, provides core real estate settings using which you can customize the price format to any currency format in the world and you can also customize the URL slugs as per your requirements.

RealHomes provides a rich set of meta boxes and settings that are easy to use. You can easily add/modify a real estate property and manage your existing properties. Sometimes there is information related to a property that might not be covered by existing fields. So RealHomes provides a solution for such a scenario by including an additional details field that is cloneable. So you can add as much new information to the property as you want.

RealHomes theme provides floor plan support for a property. Floor plans can be added from the admin side as well as from the front-end using the property submission module in the user’s dashboard.

You can provide various types of files as attachments to a property. RealHomes theme provides a similar properties module for the property detail page. It displays properties similar to the current property. You can choose similarity criteria from customizer settings and you can also choose the order in which similar properties should appear.

RealHomes theme provides a child properties module for the property detail page to display any number of child properties. Each child’s property works as a full property independently.

Price of RealHomes

The price of the Regular License of RealHomes is $59 which can be used by you or one client, in a single end product for which end users are not charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.

The cost of the Extended License of this theme is $2950 which can be used by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.

The services provided by this theme license are Quality checked by Envato; Future updates; Theme hosting offer; 6 months support from InspiryThemes.

You can also extend support to 12 months by paying $17.63.

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