Some things to watch out for when choosing a WordPress theme

Some things to watch out for when choosing a WordPress theme

Are you the one who is stuck at choosing the right theme for the WordPress website? Well, WordPress is a place which is available for all sorts of websites and market. Therefore, it can be a daunting task to choose the correct theme which highly complements the website and its content.

There are many WordPress themes that have customization options. The lack of proper coding can make the whole situation tricky of not being able to change themes and plugins. Similarly, attractive and eye-catching themes can lead your website to slow working which means low ranking on Google.

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The crux of the whole situation is that themes on WordPress play a huge role. They can either make or mar your website. To be on safe ground, here are some things to follow before making any final decisions on a WordPress theme:

Endeavor for simplicity

Most of the themes at WordPress are full of vibrant colors, flashy computer graphics, intricate layouts, and much more. No doubt, these things are mandatory sometimes but are not that important to look for.

It is imperative to look for designs that match with the website’s goal. On the same hand, it is also crucial to understand that the presentation of the theme is not excessively complicated. The web design should be informative for the users. Find a simple theme which fulfills the desire of website owner and users.

Browser compatibility

It is evident that users are going to use the site on various browsers. The theme which you select can appear differently on different browsers. There are cases where browsers might be broken.

The solution to this problem is to check the browser compatibility. Developers of WordPress themes check their themes thoroughly with the help of testing tools. However, the website owner can always try some tests on their selected themes by going through browsers like Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.

Support option

Nothing is perfect! Similarly, you cannot always expect every theme on WordPress to have guaranteed support. Messing up with WordPress can result in paying a developer of a third-party or figuring it on your own.

Therefore, choose a theme that has certification as well as a support option. Many premium themes on WordPress propose documentation and a year of support through emails.

SEO friendliness

WordPress themes are vital for the website to be SEO friendly. A striking theme has no guarantee to generate great coded HTML. Therefore, all this can highly disturb the performance of a website on search engines like Google.

However, it is a great challenge for a beginner to examine the source code of a theme by himself. One can get help from premium developers in knowing about the SEO optimization of the page.

Page Builders as WordPress Plugins

WordPress offers one of the essential and creative plugins called PageBuilders. These plugins help users to make page layouts by using drag and drop option. It makes one’s job a lot easier without getting into technicalities. One can use page builders to make beautiful landing pages. However, the page builders usually offered with only premium themes. So, if you want a page builder plugin, then invest in a premium WordPress theme.

Highly positive ratings and reviews

The best part of WordPress is that it has garnered a lot of admiration and respect from all four corners. Most of the users have liked the experience of making websites, blogs and pages through WordPress. The platform offers verified and incredibly beautiful themes with impressive ratings and reviews. However, if you pick free WordPress themes instead of buying third-party themes by developers, you can easily find the ratings right at the bottom of download button.


Every new day, a new theme is available on WordPress but not every theme is perfect for your website. Do not get confused between free and paid themes, choose the theme on the basis of the above-mentioned factors. This can be of huge benefit while choosing a WordPress theme to make your successful business site. However, if you are a new to website development, then always start with a light theme in order to get the hang of the entire process easily. Also, don’t forget that themes will only give you a desired design, and plugins will improve the functionality of your website or page. Also, make sure to check the responsiveness of the theme before picking up. If you will follow all the above tips wisely while picking a theme at WordPress, then you can surely create a huge difference in your website. 

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